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RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 7

RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 7

Untwisting the Sign

It’s wild that we’re 7 weeks into the summer anime season and the worst 2 anime I’m watching are by Shaft. Both RWBY: Ice Queendom and Luminous Witches are by Shaft. What happened to animating good anime, like Monogatari, Madoka Magica, and 3-gatsu?

I can’t overstate how bad RWBY is. The only reason I’m still watching it is that people (you) read the reviews. Please, if you’re reading this, tell me why in the comments. Do you actually like RWBY? Do you just want to see me suffer?

Anyway, we finally got some sort of explanation for the sign near the “entrance” to Weiss’s dream. It’s not a real explanation, but it’s good enough for now. When Team RWBY helps along events that Weiss wants to happen in the world, the sign untwists a bit.

The twisted sign in Weiss's dream world from the anime series RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 7
The twisted sign in Weiss’s dream world

The other two times we were in the dream, White Fang successfully derailed the train. That’s something Weiss doesn’t want to happen. This time, Ruby, Yang, Blake, and Jaune defeat the White Fang attackers. When they do this, the sign untwists a bit, implying they’re on the right track.

If this is actually what the sign represents, I’m not a huge fan. It does make sense, though. There’s an object right near the “start” of the dream that displays the state of the dream world. When the whole thing becomes untangled, Team RWBY will be able to save Weiss from the Nightmare.

I’d rather the sign represent something a lot more cliché, which I wouldn’t normally want. But, because the sign points in various directions, I’d rather it represent how Weiss feels. Different aspects of her personality are pulling her in different directions. For example, there’s what she wants vs. what her family wants.

Railway to Weiss’s Heart

I guess Shion told Ruby not to interfere with the Faunas’ attack on the train the first time as a precaution. If Ruby got involved right from the start, that could have made her investigation harder. And, at that point, it wasn’t clear how it would impact the dream.

One of the first things we learned about Nightmares is that they can cause the victim’s heart to lock itself up. If a perceived threat appears within the dream, it can prevent the victim from ever being saved. This is the last thing they want to happen to Weiss.

But, Ruby, Yang, and Blake know Weiss better than Shion does. Shion doesn’t actually know Weiss at all. So, after they gained some experience in Weiss’s dream world, they knew rescuing the train was okay. In fact, as I already mentioned, it was the right thing to do.

Blake, Yang, Jaune, and Ruby from the anime series RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 7
Blake, Yang, Jaune, and Ruby

The question now is, “why was that the right thing to do?” Is it because Weiss wanted White Fang defeated? Is it because she wanted the train to reach the city? Or, could it be because that’s what she thought her father wanted? My bet is on the latter.

But, that doesn’t quite add up with what I said earlier. I said the sign represents how far along Team RWBY is at doing things Weiss wants to happen in her dream. So, it could be that these are things Weiss needs to happen to escape from her father.

Even when the train was going to make it to the city for the first time, she hesitated to open the doors. But, by opening the doors, she’s choosing to let her friends in. And she’s destroying the “utopia” governed by her father in her mind.

Mini Weiss Army

Something I’m struggling to understand is why Team RWBY would waste their trump card. Remember that whole thing about Jaune being “immune” to the Nightmare? Why didn’t they actually take advantage of that? Is there something I’m missing here? They made him play the wrong role.

Jaune can slip past the Nightmare. Because he still has its DNA within him, the Nightmare views Jaune as its own creation. Even if Jaune is acting against the Nightmare, it can’t recognize that. So, the obvious choice would be to have Jaune locate and slay the Nightmare before his immunity wears off.

It’s possible that Jaune wouldn’t be able to slay the Nightmare and save Weiss on his own. Weiss’s close friends might need to be the ones to save her. Or, maybe the Nightmare is too strong for Jaune to defeat on his own.

Multiple mini Weiss from the anime series RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 7
Multiple mini Weiss

If either of those is the case, then Jaune should at least open the path to the Nightmare. As long as he can get to the Nightmare, he can help Team RWBY make it there as well. But, Jaune instead plays the role of the distraction. This makes no sense.

Jaune’s the one person the Nightmare can’t see and recognize. So why is he the one causing a commotion and drawing the Nightmare’s attention? All he’s accomplished by doing that is invalidating his immunity to the Nightmare. Now it knows exactly where he is and that he’s causing trouble.

Sure, that takes some of the heat away from Team RWBY, for the time being. But, anyone could have been the distraction. Why did the series bother setting up that Jaune was immune? Okay, he was able to walk right into the Sillies Jail. So what? Any of them could have done that.


What do you think of RWBY: Ice Queendom Episode 7? Could you untwist the sign with your bare hands? How many times do you think the train failed to reach the city? And how many mini Weiss could you beat in a fight at once? Let me know in the comments.

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262

The Princess’s Tea Party

Before I get into the new content from Boruto Episode 262, I have a correction for last week’s review. In the Episode 261 review, I said we didn’t have the kanji for Hana-sensei’s surname. Apparently, that’s not true. Her full name is 華々ハナ (Kaka Hana).

Why does this matter? This spelling of Kaka (華々) doesn’t have to do with laughter as I theorized. It’s more of a play on words with her first name, Hana (ハナ). Both her first and last name can mean “flower.” So, it seems likely that when we see her jutsu (next week?) it will have to do with flowers.

Now, in Episode 262, we got the name of yet another one of Kawaki’s classmates. This time, it’s Neon Asakusa (浅草ネオン, Asakusa Neon). We don’t know anyone else from the Asakusa family. But, we learn that her parents work for the Kaminarimon Company, which Denki’s father runs.

Kae Yukiwari and her mother from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262
Kae Yukiwari and her mother

As for what I intended to write about in this section, Kae decides to throw a tea party for her classmates. Her intention with this party is to make friends. But, as we saw, this party only served to make her classmates view her as someone separate from the rest of them.

I should also mention that it seems like Kae’s mother may be dead. Part of why this tea party is so important to Kae is that it’s something her mother would do. That doesn’t mean her mother is dead. But, the way she remembered her mother made it seem that way.

Osuka was planning to have a tea party as well as a way to show off her high-society status. But, before she had the chance to announce her party, Kae already invited everyone to her own. Osuka won’t let this stand.

Tea Party Etiquette

Obviously, Kawaki isn’t cut out for attending a fancy tea party thrown by a princess. But, because his mission is to protect Kae, he doesn’t have much of a choice. So, Himawari takes it upon herself to teach Kawaki how to behave at a tea party.

I know there’s a part of the Boruto community that’s going to love this episode for this content. But, I don’t care about Kawaki attempting to fit in at a children’s tea party in a filler episode. If you’re into that, great. I’m not sure why you like Boruto, though, if that’s the case.

Anyway, Kawaki’s lack of tea party etiquette may have actually helped out. Because he was acting so awkward, the others at the tea party were able to relax a bit. Still, they weren’t able to completely relax until Kae got mad and stopped acting like a princess.

Kawaki drinking tea from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262
Kawaki drinking tea

Something I did like about this part of the episode was seeing Eiki still trying to pick a fight with Kawaki. I’m sure Eiki doesn’t know anything about tea party etiquette. But, he knows that whatever weird thing Kawaki’s doing probably isn’t correct. And so, he attempts to call out Kawaki for not fitting in.

Also, Eiki believes that the summoning scroll he used in Episode 261 failed in some way. Kawaki knows it didn’t fail — Eiki attempted a summoning without a pact. But, Eiki is sure that he would have been able to defeat Kawaki had that not happened.

It’s pretty interesting that Kawaki knows more about summoning jutsu than Eiki does. I know Kawaki actually has experience fighting alongside shinobi. But, Kawaki seemed to know what would happen based on the lesson of that day. So, I guess he pays attention in class more than Eiki.

Osuka the Assassin

So far, there have been no attempted assassinations of Kae. But, you shouldn’t think there won’t ever be one just because this is a filler arc. By the end of this arc, I predict there will be a real assassination attempt that Kawaki will have to stop.

It doesn’t make much sense to me for Kawaki’s mission to be to protect Kae if nothing ends up happening. Of course, that’s coming from a writing perspective. Why set up the premise if you’re not going to follow through? I can’t imagine that what happened in this episode is going to be the biggest event of the arc.

So, what happened in this episode? For her tea party, Kae baked a delicious-looking cake (I’m not much of a cake person). But, because Osuka was mad that Kae stole her thunder, she decided to sabotage the cake. This is why Osuka has no friends.

Osuka Kamakura from the anime series Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262
Osuka Kamakura

Now, as the daughter of rich and famous parents, Osuka would never get her own hands dirty. That’s where Neon comes in. Osuka got Neon to use her drone to taint the cake with spicy mustard. And when it came time to eat the cake, Kawaki smelled the mustard and assumed it was poison.

You might be thinking that Kawaki overreacted. Even after finding out about the sabotaged cake, Kae may still think that too. After all, it was a dumb prank, not dangerous. But, I think Kawaki made the right decision based on the information he had at the time.

He knows someone is out to assassinate Kae. And he noticed that there was something in the cake that shouldn’t be there. He’d be a pretty bad bodyguard if he did nothing even with those pieces of information. Maybe Kae’s attendant should be more like Kawaki.


What do you think of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 262? Do you think Osuka and Neon will end up on the same three-man squad? Do you like the random slice of life parts of Boruto filler episodes? And do you think there will be a real assassination attempt on Kae? Let me know in the comments.

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Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue anime movie cover art
Perfect Blue

Movie Overview

Perfect Blue (パーフェクトブルー) is an anime movie released in 1998 and directed by Satoshi Kon. Throughout August, the DoubleSama Discord server is having a Satoshi Kon movie event. Each Friday, we watch one of Kon’s four movies. Since Perfect Blue released first, it was the first movie we watched.

I’m going to be honest upfront and say that I don’t know why the title of this movie is Perfect Blue. But, I do feel like I have a pretty good understanding of what went on within the movie. And, if you’ve seen this movie, you’re likely aware that knowing what was going on can be a bit difficult.

Before I get into an explanation and major spoilers, let’s set the stage. Perfect Blue follows a former pop idol as her life spirals out of control. It also depicts a variety of mental illnesses which shape the way we experience the story.

Something I always enjoy is when anime frame the story from the perspective of a character. This can take a few forms. In the Monogatari Series, for example, it’s done in two ways. First, the viewer only has information available to Koyomi. And second, the viewer “sees the world through Koyomi’s eyes.”

Perfect Blue is the same. Throughout the story, we only have access to information Mima has. If we could see the bigger picture, there wouldn’t be much of a mystery to solve.

Additionally, we see the world through Mima’s eyes. By this, I mean that we see what Mima believes. If Mima believes someone is mean, then they’re depicted as mean regardless of the truth. If Mima thinks something is a good idea, then it’s depicted as a good idea regardless of the truth.

By limiting information and forcing a perspective, the movie becomes an immersive experience.

Main Characters

Mima Kirigoe is the protagonist of the series. Originally, she was a member of the pop group CHAM! along with Yukiko and Rei. But, Mima left the group after a talent agent convinced her there was no more room for her to grow there.

After leaving the music world behind, Mima becomes an actress. The only problem is that it’s difficult for her to get good roles. The directors see her as nothing more than a former pop singer. And so, Mima begins to take on more adult roles and jobs in an attempt to change her image.

Yukiko, Mima, and Rei of the pop group CHAM! from the anime movie Perfect Blue
Yukiko, Mima, and Rei of the pop group CHAM!

Rumi Hidaka is Mima’s manager and friend. She believes Mima should stay in CHAM! instead of breaking into acting. And, in Rumi’s defense, CHAM! finally sees some success shortly after Mima leaves. Though, maybe Mima herself was the problem holding CHAM! back.

Also of importance is that Rumi’s the one person Mima can rely on when she’s struggling. As Mima’s mental health deteriorates, Rumi is often the only one who can help her snap back to reality. She’s the only person who’s been with Mima all throughout her career.

Mamoru Uchida is a Mima superfan. It’s no stretch to say that he’s obsessed with her. When she was an idol, he worked as a part-time security guard for her concerts so that he could be closer to her. And once she transitions to acting, he continues to follow her.

Being a superfan is one thing. But, Mamoru is also a stalker. He goes by the name Me-Mania online and believes that he has an intimate relationship with Mima. And, in a creepy way, he does; he’s always nearby. Unfortunately for Mima, this is a one-way relationship that she wants no part of.

Who Were the Real Victims?

Now it’s time to spoil everything. As you’ll know if you watched the movie, the true villain of the story was Rumi. But, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a victim in her own way. Rumi was suffering from a mental disorder that caused her to believe she was the “real” Mima.

Obviously, that doesn’t excuse the fact that she murdered multiple people. But, in her mind, getting rid of the people who she viewed as “tainting” Mima’s image made sense. And in the end, that list of people included Mima herself.

As for Mima, I’m going to assume nobody argues she wasn’t a victim. Both Rumi and Me-Mania victimized her. But, and this may be controversial, I think a large part of what happened to Mima was due to her own mental state.

Mamoru "Me-Mania" Uchida from the anime movie Perfect Blue
Mamoru “Me-Mania” Uchida

Because we see the events of this movie from Mima’s perspective, we view her as the main victim. She believes she’s the main victim. But, there’s some evidence pointing to much of what she believes happened to her not being real. Mima’s grasp on reality isn’t all there for most of the movie.

This might come as a surprise, but Me-Mania is actually one of the biggest victims. Is he a stalker? Yes. But, he was being manipulated by Rumi, whom he thought was the “real” Mima. Also, as far as I can tell, being a creepy stalker is the only crime Me-Mania is guilty of.

What about his attempted rape of Mima? I’m not sure it happened. Mima had a hard time differentiating between her movie roles and reality. I think she thought he attempted to rape her because of this. We saw no evidence of it after the fact. And then Rumi kills him, so Me-Mania is the true victim.


Perfect Blue is a 9/10. It’s a great movie and because it doesn’t spell much out for us, there are a lot of different interpretations. How did you interpret the events of the movie? Do you think we can trust Mima as a storyteller? Or, do you think some of the events she believes happened never did?

And I know some people think Rumi was drugging Mima. But, I went back and couldn’t find any evidence of this. I even found evidence to the contrary. For example, Rumi isn’t present for some of Mima’s episodes and when she wakes up in random locations.

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As of this review, we’ve already watched the second Kon movie, Millennium Actress. But, depending on when you’re reading this, you could still join us for the final two Satoshi Kon movies.

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Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 7

Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 7

The Friend Request Dilemma

I need to start this review of Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 7 with a slight at Kazuya. He’s definitely the kind of person who would have a cracked phone screen. Even if I didn’t know how messy his life was, that would tell me all I need to know.

That aside, Kazuya awoke to find himself added into a group chat with Chizuru. And in response, he did what any of us would do. He freaked out. But, he also did things most of us wouldn’t do. For example, he called a picture of Chizuru’s partial shadow cute.

I was going to say that Kazuya resisting sending a friend request to Chizuru surprised me. But, then I remembered that Kazuya’s a wimp. Still, I do think this was the best choice if we look at the situation from his (flawed) perspective.

Chizuru looking at her phone from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 7
Chizuru looking at her phone

Although we know this isn’t true, Kazuya doesn’t believe he and Chizuru have a relationship. Well, he thinks they have a professional relationship. And he thinks Chizuru isn’t all that into him when she’s not on the clock. From that perspective, not sending the friend request was the better option.

Why do I say this? Because Chizuru didn’t necessarily give her contact information to him. If that group chat is anything like the ones I’ve been a part of, they were both added without their permission. He shouldn’t take advantage of that situation if he thinks it would bother Chizuru.

It wouldn’t be an issue if he asked for her contact info directly, though. The problem I have with this situation is that there’s no indication she wants him to have access to it. At least, from his perspective. From what we know and what we saw, she likely wouldn’t have minded his request.

Ex and Girlfriend

I said it back in my review of Episode 4. I said, “just wait until Mami learns about Ruka.” It should come as no surprise to anyone that Mami wasn’t exactly thrilled about learning of Ruka. Before this, she thought Chizuru was her only competition.

I’m also going to bet that Mami views Ruka as a bigger threat than she does Chizuru. Mami seems to have a pretty good understanding that Kazuya likes Chizuru. But, at the same time, she knows Chizuru is a rental girlfriend. So, she could believe Chizuru isn’t a major threat.

With Ruka, things are different. Ruka claims to be Kazuya’s real girlfriend and there’s no indication otherwise. From Mami’s perspective, that would make Ruka her number one rival. Though, we should remember that Mami’s not exactly a romantic rival. She wants to dominate and control Kazuya’s life.

Ruka getting flustered by Mami's presence from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 7
Ruka getting flustered by Mami’s presence

Ruka kind of put Mami in her place. But, that probably wasn’t the wisest decision. Ruka doesn’t know Mami yet. To her, Mami is Kazuya’s ex-girlfriend who won’t leave him alone. But, Mami is a lot more unhinged than that. She’s a stalker who interferes with almost every aspect of his life.

By confronting Mami like that, Ruka may have only made things worse. And the worsening of the situation extends beyond Kazuya. This is going to affect Chizuru, as well. And, of course, Mami could start victimizing Ruka herself. Though, Ruka seems like she’d be able to handle it.

All that aside, during Ruka’s rant, I was hoping Mami would say she had the wrong idea. That would have been a great way to shut Ruka down. What would Ruka have done if Mami said she was a normal customer who knows Kazuya and not his ex?

Detective Mami Is on the Case

At this point, I’m not sure if Mami or Sumi is my least favorite of the Kanokari girls. Sumi’s way better as a person — there’s no question about that. But, Mami is more interesting, to me, because there’s drama surrounding her.

I’ve enjoyed Mami trying to piece together Kazuya’s love life. Sure, she’s doing it with the purpose of tearing it all down. But, it’s been fun to see her gathering evidence, interrogating witnesses, and so on. Detective Chika? Detective Conan? The only detective I know is Detective Mami.

So far, Mami hasn’t figured out anything about Ruka. She tried to spy on Ruka’s social media posts. But, Ruka has her account locked. From what I remember, Ruka also isn’t working as a rental girlfriend anymore. She’s working at the karaoke place with Kazuya now. But, I honestly don’t remember if she quit renting herself out or not.

Mami Nanami from the anime series Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 7
Mami Nanami

Even if Ruka closed her account on the rental girlfriend app, Mami may still be able to find it. Though, I don’t see why she would even look there. Ruka’s rant to her didn’t seem like something a rental girlfriend would do. But, at the same time, Ruka knows about Chizuru.

Speaking of Chizuru, Mami also found out the bag she saw in Kazuya’s apartment was hers. For a bit, she thought it could have been Ruka’s. But, now that she knows it was Chizuru’s that makes things a bit spicier. Kazuya has a girlfriend, and yet a rental girlfriend was in his apartment?

Also, Mami found the social media account of Kazuya’s grandmother. It seems like Mami’s going to confront her with the truth about Kazuya and Chizuru. But, I have a feeling that Kazuya’s grandmother won’t hear it. She likes Chizuru regardless.


What do you think of Rent-a-Girlfriend 2nd Season Episode 7? Should Kazuya have sent Chizuru a friend request? Is Ruka really in third place behind Mami? Or is Mami in third behind Ruka? And how do you think Kazuya’s grandmother will react to Mami? Let me know in the comments.

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Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 6

Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 6

The Luring Is Not What it Seemed

Made in Abyss: The Golden City in the Scorching Sun Episode 6 featured the Luring. Based on what the Balancing was, I assumed the Luring was some inherent feature of Iruburu. But, that’s not the case. And, to be fair, we still don’t actually know what the Balancing is.

Yes, we know how the Balancing works. I explained it in my review of Episode 3. But, once we saw the Balancing “creatures” in the prison with Vueko, that changed things. It made the Balancing less of a fundamental rule and more of a product of the world.

But, anyway, the Luring is the name the Hollows give to their hunting “expeditions.” Other than Faputa, none of the village Hollows can leave Iruburu. And we can assume not too many cave raiders show up in the village. So, the Luring is how the Hollows bring in new value.

Maaa, Vueko, Riko, and Majikaja from the anime series Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 6
Maaa, Vueko, Riko, and Majikaja

They lure creatures from the Sixth Layer into Iruburu and hunt them, hence the name the Luring. The remains of the creatures they lure into the village then become value within the village. The problem is that the Hollows can’t always handle what they lure in.

This time, a mysterious creature makes its way into the village. Majikaja recognizes it as one that’s been there before. But, he says it’s much larger this time. And, as we see, it now has a taste for Hollows. It would seem the hunters have become the hunted.

What I find interesting about the Luring, though, is how unprepared the Hollows seemed. Sure, the creature that showed up this time wasn’t what they expected. But, their weapons didn’t seem very capable of bringing down large creatures. Am I supposed to believe they could take down a Turbinid-Dragon? I don’t see it happening.

One Good Deed for Another

I was pretty surprised to see Majikaja stop Riko from giving up her value for Nanachi. You could argue he did that because he wanted her value. But, that’s not how it came across to me. It seemed like he actually cared about what it would mean for her journey.

Unfortunately, if Riko doesn’t provide Belaf with enough value, she can’t save Nanachi. But, in last week’s review of Episode 5, I suggested some alternative trades. For example, Maaa or Vueko could give themself to Belaf. Vueko makes a bit more sense here since she’s still a human.

With that said, there’s another option now. As the creature attacked Iruburu, Riko decided to help defend the village. To do this, she had to trade some of her value. She gave some of her hair to Majikaja. And in return, Majikaja changed his form to suit the fight they were about to have.

Majikaja and Riko from the anime series Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 6
Majikaja and Riko

Together, Riko, Majikaja, some other Hollows, and Reg were able to take down the creature. And afterward, when asked by Moogie, Riko said she did it because good deeds have a way of coming full circle. Riko did a good deed today, and in the future, she’ll be on the receiving end of one.

This is where the other option in dealing with Belaf comes in. Riko saved the village from potential destruction. She can, therefore, claim that without her help, Belaf would have lost his value. That seems like bargaining leverage to me.

Also, since all transactions in Iruburu are overseen by the Balancing, Belaf may not have a say in this. If the Balancing agrees that without Riko, Belaf would have lost his value, he can’t argue with that. He doesn’t have to accept the trade. But, he couldn’t ask for more.

Reg’s Awakened Form

It only took half the season, but Prushka now looks as she does in the OP. And, unfortunately, the author even had to make this part weird. After handing Prushka over to Riko, he comments that he climaxed after sculpting her. Why are you like this, Akihito Tsukushi?

Anyway, now that she’s sculpted, Prushka reveals her true power. And it turns out that her true power is to bring out the true power of Reg. When Riko blows into Prushka (it’s not weird, I swear), it summons Reg in a new form.

I’m going to call this form of Reg’s his “awakened form.” He said that he suddenly understood things when he heard Prushka’s call and knew Riko needed his help. He didn’t remember who he was in the past, though. It sucks that his newfound understanding of things is selective like that.

Reg's awakened form from the anime series Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 6
Reg’s awakened form

I’m not a huge fan of Reg’s new form — appearance-wise. I much prefer the blue-grey metal of his normal appearance over the white metal of his awakened form. I’m sure part of it is that I’m not used to this new appearance. But, more than just the color of his metal changed.

Something I noticed is that not only is his metal now much lighter, but his skin is darker. At first, I thought his skin only appeared darker because of the contrast with the white metal. But, after doing a side-by-side comparison, that’s not the case.

It’s possible that he’d look worse with his usual lighter skin and the white metal. But, because his skin is darker in his awakened form, that only serves to make the white metal stand out more. Maybe if the red of his cape and the markings on his face also changed, I’d like it.


What do you think of Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun Episode 6? Did you expect the Luring to be something else? Do you like Riko more with long or short hair? And, what are your thoughts on Reg’s awakened form? Let me know in the comments.

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